The app that brings you back.

iPhone App

This may be the most important app you ever use.

Tell your loved ones where and when you are heading for your adventure.

Because your life shouldn't depend on your battery life.

Should your technology fail you, our technology has your back.

Let family & friends check your progress

Cell service is usually intermittent, so we'll upload what we can as you have data service.

Get help when you are in trouble.

Either you've lost your phone, your battery is dead, or you have no service. With Not Dead Yet, you can still get help. We'll notify friends and family with your travel plans and any breadcrumbs we've gathered to help get you help quickly.

No Special Hardware

As long as you have email or phone service by the time you're done with your adventure, you can use our service without worrying friends and family.

Startup Weekend • Ogden, UT

Ian Hansen pitched his idea and created the Not Dead Yet team at Startup Weekend, commencing "Operation Beacon."